Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid Ottawa, February 2015

Most days, I feel like I start the day as a giant yummy choco­late cake fresh out of the oven. But hours after hours, min­utes after min­utes, Mark grabs bites of me. And at the end of the day, there is noth­ing left but use­less stale crumbs. “Need… shower…” I grum­ble around 7 p.m.

Foodies Corner Trying Mote Con Huesillo in Santiago, Chile, January 2015

My culi­nary jour­ney started when I left Nantes. In Asia, Latin Amer­ica or North Amer­ica, I dis­cov­ered sta­ple food and dishes that were com­pletely new to me. Here is my advice to start a culi­nary adven­ture, at home or abroad.

Snapshots The Forest

The light was almost sur­real, with the sun shin­ing through a thick layer of grey clouds. It would snow again, for sure, but mean­while it was almost hazy—would have been, if it wasn’t –20°C.

Trends ...These Brazilians! (Brazil, January 2015)

Take a look!” the estheti­cian encour­aged me. Ah, this is why there was a big mir­ror on the wall. I took a look under her watch­ful eye, care­ful to strike the right bal­ance between “appre­cia­tive of the work” and “porn-star-in-training”.

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