Snapshots Little Ant

They don’t even have the chance to end up in a salad, they are just throw into giant Cana­dian Tire yard waste bags and hauled far far away from sub­ur­bia, like a trou­bled teen sent to rehab.

Immigration Poutine Sauce, Ottawa, May 2015

I felt com­pletely iso­lated from other Cana­di­ans. I couldn’t do small talk, couldn’t relate to the cul­ture, didn’t under­stand jokes and when argu­ing with Feng, I always ended up in tears because it cry­ing was eas­ier than express­ing myself in English.

Canadian Life Canadian Flag Pin (from my citizenship ceremony in 2009)

It would be years until I dis­play a flag. Like many French, I asso­ci­ated the national flag to yes, the French Revolution—a long long time ago—but mostly to more con­tem­po­rary dark peri­ods of human his­tory or far-right movements.

Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid Mark Stole my Kindle at the Park, Ottawa, April 2015

Mark never stops. I’m think­ing of lend­ing him to ESL students—your very own human flash­card! Test your vocab­u­lary and get a tantrum if you don’t reply fast enough! Can be switched to Man­darin or French!

Trends Listening, Ottawa, April 2015

A cou­ple of years ago, I decided to give radio another chance. Not the annoy­ing radio sta­tions with their pre-formatted playlists and ten-minute com­mer­cial breaks—I turned to podcasts.

Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid We Let Him Drive, Too

I noticed the flash­ing LED light on my phone and I grabbed it absent­mind­edly. Just another assign­ment com­ing through, I thought. But I hadn’t received an email. I had four missed phone calls. And two voice­mail messages.

Canadian Life Liquidation Sale at Target on Merivale, Ottawa, March 2015

Just in the last month, MEXX, Smart Set and Futureshop have folded abruptly. I guess the pair of red cargo pants I bought at MEXX in 2005 are now a collector’s item.

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